Epsilon Algorithm

The epsilon algorithm is an all-purpose algorithm used to accelerate mathematical and engineering series that converge too slowly. Wynn discovered the algorithm, and he applied it in weakly diverging sequences that he used a fixed operator point as desired limit (Dahlquist & Björck, 2007). However, there are exceptions to Wynn’s application of the epsilon algorithm. For instance, in quantum well oscillators, the epsilon algorithm is not robust enough to obtain a solution.

Production Sharing Agreements

While the existence of oil is common in developing countries, these countries often lack the technical capacity, expertise, equipments and financial might to explore and produce the crude oil. As a result, a country may seek an international oil company (IOC) to do this on its behalf or to assist the host government (often through the national oil company (NOC) in achieving oil production.

CLOs in the Financial Crisis

A number of financial operations undertaken by various banking institutions between the periods of 2007/2008 have been associated with the financial crisis that occurred then. The issuing of collateralized loan obligations (CLO) by the major banks have been considers as the major cause of the financial crisis.

Business and Employment Law

Question 1. The legal issue

The case presented is of a company Globe Tickets Ltd that wants to sue its formed employee Juliet. The legal issue in this case is of an employment contract that has been breached. The Globe Tickets Company is suing Juliet for a breach of one of the clause that was stated on the employment contact.

The laws governing the issue

Health Benefits of Volunteering

Voluntary work is the provision of one or more services to the community without financial reward. Volunteering refers to services provided by individuals or groups of individuals freely, without enforcement or coercion. It is an unselfish offer that contributes to the overall prosperity of society. We usually find Volunteering in initiatives that are related to our society, the environment, the animals, in everything we interact with.

Removing Fragmented Computer Files From Hard Drive

Regular use of hard drives creates logical errors, bad sectors, fragmented data points on hard drives and Removing Fragmented Computer Files From Hard Drive is necessary.

When our car breaks down we can think of nothing other than getting it back on the road. We really heavily on automobiles and most people do everything they can to prevent them from needing to stay overnight in the repair shop. The same thing should be said about your computer.

How to Have a Relaxing Bath

If you have had a tough day at work, then your thoughts may turn to a nice warm bath and the lovely, relaxing atmosphere that you will be able to create in your bathroom later on. If you have a good boiler or boilers at home, then you will definitely have enough hot water available when you get home to draw yourself a hot bath and lie down to relax. Here are some tips on preparing the perfect bath.

Hacks to set up a stellar profile on matrimonial websites

Once you’ve decided to take the leap of faith on online matrimonial websites and wrapped your head around the concept of matrimony, it up to you to wade through the murky waters of searching and communication and ultimately finding the Right One. The process can be fairly quick some and nail-bitingly long for many. One of the first things you potential significant others would come across in your profile that you've submitted to the site.