Foreign Direct Investment in the Mining Industry

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in economic terms refers to the investment that an investor makes in a foreign country in which the investor has a significant control of the business or company invested in. It applies in many sectors of the economy, including the mining industry. Different governments have varied policies that seek to govern and regulate the application of foreign direct investment in their respective countries. This exploration evaluates the situation of FDI in the mining industries in Nigeria and Argentina.

Distributed Practice | Enhance Your Memory

Distributed practice is one of the easiest and most popular techniques used to enhance the memory of human brain. This particular practice is well known because of the positive results it has shown in the research and because it is one of the easiest methods. There are other techniques which claim to make learning easier for the human brain but amongst all of these, spaced practice is the most effective and easiest method in the view.

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is the new hype around the world. More and more people are transferring to the digital media base each and every day. Every book that is released as a hard copy, is also released as an e-book nowadays. People always prefer applications that tell you latest news within a matter of hours, rather than waiting for a newspaper every morning. Times have changed, and we have changed along with them.

Gamification Techniques used on Graduation Students

Gamification can be expressed as the application of gaming mechanisms within a non-gaming environment having its underlying aim to be the enhancement of processes enacted as well as the experiences of all those involved. In the past few years, the process of gamification has become very important in terms of education and training since the concept has all the techniques that can be used to make the learning process more engaging and motivating.

Fine Art in Fiji

Fijian art form has been thriving since the early third millennium in Fiji, which is to say 3500 to 1000 BC to be exact where archaeological excavations have shown early pottery art from the Fijian towns that existed at that time. In spite of Fiji being taken over by a military regime in 2006, it has not hampered Fiji’s cultural heritage in any way.

How to Check the Quality of Silver Jewelry

Silver has been valued as a precious commodity for thousands of years because of its physical and chemical properties. It is very ductile, malleable and has a brilliant metallic shine when polished so it is highly valued by craftsmen in many trades. Whilst silver is used in mirrors, conductors, photographic films and currency, it is also used to create more refined items such as ornaments and silver jewelry. Because of this, silver is thought of as a good investment.

Hiring a Promotional Trailer

As a small business owner, you may be considering new ways in which to advertise your business to the local community. One potential way to get your company or brand name seen by a lot of people is to hire a promotional trailer, which you can use to highlight your company name, as well as giving details of any of the special offers which your company is currently doing. These trailers are driven to events, and then set up as an informational stall.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Management

Project management is a systematic method of guiding and planning project procedures from starting to ending. By to the Project Management Institute the procedures are directed from the five stages which are as follows. The first stage is initiation a project. The second stage is planning for the project. The third stage and the important stage is executing a project. The fourth stage is controlling. The fifth stage and the most important stage is closing the project. Closing a project is the most difficult stage. It is very difficult to close the project.

Self-Taught vs Academically Learnt

Choosing to self study or academically learning in school, college, university is totally a religious choice for education in 2018.

Making a decision on How you acquire the skills you need is a very crucial one! However, you can’t run away from it! No matter how confusing it is, you will have to understand the pros and cons, the working of the industry you are aiming to be a part of and make a decision for your education.