Custard Apples

A subtropical fruit belonging to the Annonacea family, custard apple is also termed as “sitaphal” in India and has various names throughout the world. The shape of the fruit varies from spherical to round or heart shaped. The texture of this fruit is thin and rough, usually black and greenish colour. The following list displays the health benefits and nutritional values of this fruit.

The World of Crypto Currencies

The word cryptocurrency is on everyone’s mind right now. It has managed to create an absolute revolution which began when the BITCOIN was revealed to the world. Since then, the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies has increased and more and more people are flocking to invest in the so-called Digital Currency of the Future. Certain cryptocurrency investment mechanism like ICOs to have sprouted over the years. For more details on the different types of ICOs in the market today.

Quick Cook And Low Fat

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It has been a long day and you must be thinking about cooking for your entire family. It is very hard to cook when you come home from a tired day and you have to prepare meals for your complete family. Obviously, this turns out to be such a hectic job, but you can make it easy. It is good to find some shortcuts rather than keeping yourself busy and you will get more and more tired.

Colonialism and Gender

Colonialism majorly refers to the state of political and economic dominion of a country by another more powerful country. Gender, in this context, depicts the plight of women as caused by colonialism, which caused the gender imbalance making women more vulnerable. Patriarchal authority was rampant in the colonial era. The authorities looked down on the subordinate women in the colonies and often took advantage of their situation. The economic revolution in the colonial era undermined women’s status and reduced their political role.

How to make the most of your time

Time is such a precious commodity whether we work, are studying, have care responsibilities or are retired. There is always so much to do and never enough time to do the things we enjoy and feel obliged to do. Yet there are those that have it all, the great job, great holidays, great hobbies. How do they do it?

How to Become a Better Employer

Each employer has the biggest role in the business. The boss makes or breaks the company. Thus, efficient management skills are necessary to ensure that you are putting everything right into place. Being an employer means you are your own boss. If you want your business to thrive success, you need to be your own self’s strictest boss. But does this mean being the strictest boss of your employees as well? Read further to know the most balanced approach to keep things in order.

How to Find the Best Freelancer for Your Project

Hiring freelancers is a wise and practical choice that a business owner could take. There are various job portals all over the web that one could visit anytime he needs an urgent project to get done or an ongoing project to be sustained. It is undeniable that the possibility of hiring the best talent in these freelancing platforms is always up. However, the possibility of stumbling upon a stressfully unreliable freelancer is equally existent.