History Of Sweden

Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe with a population of 10.1 million, is the third largest country in European Union. In spite of this, the population density is quite low i.e. 22 inhabitants per square kilometer. Consisting of two major regions dominated by two domains i.e. north by forestry and south by agriculture, the county proves to be highly diverse and rich in flora.

History Of South Africa

As the second largest economy in the African continent, South Africa is an upper-middle income economy, as categorized by the World Bank. The national economy contributes a hefty 35 percent to the entire continent's gross domestic product. After the termination of Apartheid, the South African economy has procured numerous gains in terms of foreign exchange reserves, GDP, and more.

Right age to get married

Marriage is an overloaded term. It comes with different perceptions based on the legal, traditional and the religious definitions. Legally, depending on the country, marriage comes with some obligations to both partners and perks in rights to visitations, tax breaks, and others. Traditions established what they call marriageable age while religion talks of love as the solid foundation. The contemporary society recognizes four aspects as the prerequisites of a successful marriage. These include financial growth, understanding, love and communication.

Safe Mobile Banking Using Smart Phone

So you are all set to Safe Mobile Banking Using Smart Phone. Or you go on a vacation and arrived at airport where you suddenly remembered that you have forgot to pay the rent of your home. Worse is that, your landlord is not a forgiving or patient person. What to do now? Mobile banking is the best option and people can make safe mobile banking using smart phone. But, the fact that is it safe still remains.

SEO Works to Bring More Traffic

SEO is a particular type of procedure which is used to receive traffic through natural or organic search results. Yahoo, Google and MSN are some of the worldwide popular search engines which have certain policy to place videos, web content and images according to their rank. Online world has attracted worldwide users and they prefer to search for various products and services online. Due to web ranking policy, websites which are not placed on first page do not enough traffic and customers.

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

There are so many demands on our working day that time is so precious. So how can you make yourself more productive during your day without having to work longer hours? 

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

1. Monitor your time and track how much time you spend on tasks, especially repetitive tasks. Are there ways these could be done more productively? Are you spending too much time chatting or using social media that can be used being more productive?

Reasons why you cant sleep properly

There are so many examples of people who have, or had, little sleep and achieved success in their field of work such as: Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO; Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and Square CEO; Indra Nooyi, Chair and CEO of PepsiCo; Margaret Thatcher, UK Prime Minister 1979-1990 and Donald Trump, President of the USA.

Despite these examples we all know the bad effects of sleeping for less than the recommended 7 hours by the medical profession e.g. mood swings and poor performance at work and study.

Carrier Neutrality The key to successful colocation

Today cloud computing, web hosting, e-commerce, social media and big data have come to shape  some of the fastest growing industries. Subsequently, the need for high-density computing and reliable,  scalable, secure connectivity has driven most businesses to co-locate their IT installations to  an efficient, third-party data center.

Six inexpensive ways to give your lounge room a makeover

You can buy some inexpensive diamante and colour crystals online or from a market stall. 

1. Start by painting your walls

Forget about wallpapering, which is much more expensive. Chose a light colour, ideally creams, white or off-whites. These colours will provide a bright and clean appearance to your room, which will also give a luxurious feel to your lounge.