The Eight Sign He Loves You

The Eight Sign He Loves You

Love is one of the feelings, which no one put it into words. For hopeless romantics, movies like Notebook and A walk to remember are a real treat. But, knowing that real and reel life is different, and the way things turn out to be in movies is not the case with real life is hard-hitting.

While everyone, at one moment in their life, gets to be with the person whom they think 'is the one'.  But, doesn't it happen that the anxious mind is not ready to accept this fact that he is one and one starts to think about many things. From questions like what if he isn't the one to maybe, he's cheating on me, starts to take over your life.

We are sure that you can check these signs he loves you, list and clear all the bubbles you are having at this moment above your head.

Let's start busting the bubbles from these ten signs he loves you:

He sends you Good morning messages, every day:

No matter how cliché it sounds to you; getting a good morning text from the one you love is the greatest feeling of all. To know that someone on this planet actually thinks about you, the moment he wakes up is indescribable.

To know that before his day begins, it is you who is set on his mind.

And if you are getting these messages from the one you love, it is definitely one of the signs he loves you.

He's always excited to meet you:

If he is actually really excited to meet you and that it can be concluded from his behavior towards you. This is a sure sign that he is really into you and that there is no looking back. Because there is no better gift on this earth, than having someone's time and if he is excited to share it with you, and only you, isn't that an assurance of his love?

He is a good listener:

One of the obstinate things to do in this world, no wonder, is to listen. And if he idly listens to your useless rants about things happening in life and makes no fuss about it, there is a surety there and definitely one of the signs he loves you, without a doubt, my friend.

He lets you sleep diagonally on the king size bed:

No one on Earth will let anyone sleep on his or her bed, diagonally.  And if does that without making a fuss about it, it's clear to even the tiny creature on this earth that he actually loves you, and you must never doubt that.

He's only one call away:

Is this not a beautiful feeling to have someone miles away, but still close to heart, every second. To have someone whom you can make a call without, giving a second thought to it. Amazing, right?

He is always on the end receiver, patiently listening to you. If this is not relieving for you to believe that he is the one, we are sure that the next signs on the list, will cover up to it.

He likes to get romantic with you:

If you are the one, who is always into these movies of Nicholas Sparks and hoped to find a man like that shown in the movies, you are one step away, to assure if he loves you.

If he is really into catching those little unexpected moments and turning them into the best thing of your whole day, then you have made a fine choice, my friends. Because dont you think that in the end, it is all these little moments that count and stay.

He Likes to Surprise you:

We all adore the moments when we receive surprises. Surprises are such a lovely expression to let anyone show that you deeply care about someone.

And if these are from a man with whom you are deciding to spend a good span of your life with, is tremendous.

He remembers everything about you:

Does it not feel lovely to be with someone, who remembers all the things about you, even the tiniest little event that happened in your childhood, which you mentioned only once? If he's the one who remembers even tiny details like this about you, think about how much the space of his mind is dedicated to you.

Anyone on this earth will be glad to know, that there is one person on this land, who remembers everything about you, From the food that you like to order in a restaurant to your favorite rock band. How amazing is that.

And if you can see all these signs in your love life, please make sure you do not miss out on to this person. Because, hey, he is the one!