Explaining Paranormal Activities

Explaining Paranormal Activities

‘Paranormal’ can be defined as an experience or a phenomenon which is beyond explanation through the conventional science or its related theories. Although, this aspect lacks the support of the entire scientific community however, this community too, cannot deny its presence either.

The difference between a normal as well as a paranormal activity is associated with a rule of thumb in which a paranormal activity can be classified as one which encompasses any object or person which is not in accordance with logical explanations. Explaining in simple words, a paranormal activity is any activity which has its occurrences outside the boundaries of normal conditions. From this it should never be perceived that any activity which does not have a clear explanation lies within the boundaries of paranormal activities. The only way to declare an activity as paranormal is based upon further investigation about the situation.

Different types of paranormal activities include Extra Sensory Perception, Ghosts, Clairvoyance, Levitation, Reincarnation, Remote Viewing, Precognition Telekinesis and Prophesy. As a matter of fact, none of these activities can be explained in scientific terms and they are, therefore, stands as unexplainable.


Mostly the perceptions of such activities are obtained from different movies as well as books written on this aspect. Nearly every type of horror film develops a special kind of supernatural entity which tends to fabricate the mind of the viewer thus creating categories of believers and non-believers. As a matter of fact, such conditions are also considered to be a good way of gaining insight about such activities. Those who are open-minded will certainly think that existence of supernatural powers might be a possibility.

Modern Acceptance of Different Paranormal Activities

The scientific advancement has taken pace rapidly and today it has gone quite far to accept any reality which is multi-dimensional. The concept of Quantum Physics has moved the entire scientific community by means of its normally-to-contrary-held-theories. Many tests and measurement ways have been developed to determine the reality of Extra Sensory Perceptions. Moreover, voices of ghosts and spirits are also being recorded on tape recorders for evidence purposes. Startling as well as shocking facts are exposed through those people who have already gone from such experiences. Additionally, many types of machines has also been developed which aims in studying the ghostly phenomenon. Many proofs have also been obtained in the form of pictures and images.

Signs of Paranormal Activities

Following mentioned are some signs that provide evidence that any paranormal activity is in action. Until and unless these events are proved to be wrong or have been explained scientifically, these signs are of great help to investigators for evaluating as to whether a place is haunted or not.

Sign # 1: Phantom Sounds or Disembodied Voices

A very common indication of paranormal elements is that of a phantom sound. Such a phenomenon has been reported the most in a way of slamming or knocking doors, disembodied voices, raps, phantom footfalls as well as various other mysterious sounds.

Many types of equipments are being used by paranormal investigators through which the sounds are located, determined as well as evaluated. The recorders are designed to record embodied sounds which are in the form of electronic voice phenomena. Although, these voices may not be heard during the course of investigation however, they can be seen through the imprints of the recording.

Sign # 2: Exploitation of Different Objects

Most people report that they have seen objects move from their original direction to other areas on their own. Various other types of activities occur which are often an act of unseen forces. Such situations are also strong indications of paranormal activities. Under such conditions, the investigators tend to manipulate objects with those elements that cannot be exploited by those forces. Many a times, evidence is obtained by simply asking the force to move any object or they might ask it to move closer to the EMF meter as if the readings of the meter fluctuates it will provide as an evidence that any supernatural force exists.

Sign # 3: Draining Of the Battery or Malfunctioning Of Equipments

Any place where a paranormal activity exists usually releases a condition of frequent battery drains or malfunctioning of equipments. Such events occur with unstable degrees of obstruction. The communities pertaining to paranormal activities that the malfunctioning of equipments and battery drains are the result of an attempt made by the unseen force for the purpose of manifesting physically through the use of energy obtained from equipments.

Sign # 4: Ectoplasm Claims and Apparition

The term Ectoplasm can be defined as residue in the form of a gel which is most often located in places where any paranormal even or apparition exists however; its existence is a very controversial topic. History indicates that the substance was produced through a medium instead of any spirit. The substance would then flow out from the nose or mouth of the medium. This source will then be used by the spirit to manifest within the medium physically. Investigators use the EMF meters to emit ghosts attempt to manifest physically moreover, light spectrum cameras and heat sensors are the equipments to locate the subject which is considered to be a ghost. Many experts are also of the opinion that this is an attempt of the spirit to materialize.

Sign # 5: Changes within the Air Temperature

Any area where temperature fluctuates extremely especially those of cold spots are considered to be a spot for paranormal activities. The experts of the field are of the belief that sudden cold spots which cannot be associated with cooling or heating systems are mainly the result of the presence of supernatural forces. Similarly, extreme hot spots are also associated with the same condition and they are quite significant with the event as well. For such investigations, thermal scanners are being used as cold and hot spots are identified by their color on the screen of the scanner which also determines the presence of any paranormal activity.

Subjects of Paranormal Activities

Most people usually dump all types of paranormal activities within the term ghosts or spirits. Although, this can be a true phenomenon however, there are many differences and many paranormal experts tends to divide paranormal activities into the following mentioned subjects.

  • Spiritual entities,
  • Extraterrestrial manifestation, and;
  • Cryptids.

Spiritual Entities

The mostly believed paranormal manifestations are associated with spiritual entities. This category is further divided into sub-categories which are as follows:

  • Ghosts: A ghost can be defined as a sound or image that can be compared to a video or audio recording. It can also be described as the residual energy of a person. Their appearance is usually in the form of descended human beings and mostly in those areas where they have been made the victim of cruelty or injustice. On the other hand, there are also ghosts of animals as reported by experts. Sightings of ghosts are reported to be airy, misty and of subtle material. When the ghosts are associated with any human medium, they tend to develop havoc and disorders by throwing out objects or making voices like that of poltergeists. Different types of ghosts include Death omens, violent spirits, vengeful spirits, buru buru along with death echo. There greatest power is that they can get invisible, can manipulate the entire area, teleportation, death and fear inducement.

Many times in spooky areas, ghosts show their presence by simply opening doors or moving objects from one place to another. Eyewitnesses have also reported to sense cold breath or a touch without having any force to be visible.

  • Spirits: A spirit can be defined as a soul of any person or animal that is still within the earth even the body has been evacuated from worldly affairs.
  • Poltergeists: This form of paranormal activity usually targets individuals which comprises mostly of a juvenile child however, those adults who are undergoing a phase of intense stress levels can also be used as a medium.
  • Entities: This form of a supernatural force is associated with those entities that were never human beings in existence. They can either be evil termed to be demons or good referred to as angels. Many people tend to get confused with the intentions of spirits like that of communicating in the form of a demon. This form of spiritual entity is very uncommon.
  • Vortex/Portal Haunting: The presence of Vortex/Portal haunting is a controversial topic within the community dealing with paranormal activities. The idea is that entities tend to enter within the realm through a doorway. They can either come in the form of humans or they can be of non-human nature.

Extraterrestrial Manifestation

Extraterrestrial manifestations have also been categorized within paranormal subjects. The most common form is that of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) which is described as a flying object high in the skies and for which no investigator or an observer has a clear explanation. This is especially true when other flying objects such as that of planes, light or weather phenomena and other astronomical perceptions, all have been lined out. There are many experts who also detach the existence of extraterrestrial lives to fall within the category of paranormal subjects however; researches are still being made to support the argument. Looking for extraterrestrial civilization and lives as well as the belief that Earth is not the only planet having life does not necessarily fall within the category of a paranormal activity. As a matter of fact, many companies are engaged in searching for clues of other forms of life.

In addition to this, other extraterrestrial procedures include sightings or being abducted by alien forces which means that such people have memories to get actually kidnapped by nonhuman forces or entities and are also subjected to undergo a medical examination. Many legends associated also shows evidence of governments within the possession of alienated forces as has been detected in the wreckages of crashed UFO’s.


Cryptozoology generally refers to an animal named as cryptids, the existence of which has not yet been proved. There have been made several claims about the sightings of cryptids and according to documents there are various types of cryptids that are considered to be in existence presently. Some famous cryptids are inclusive of the Loch Ness monster which is a creature in the form of a dinosaur and is considered to be alive within the deep water of Loch Ness situated in the highlands of Scotland. Moreover, Bigfoot, another form of cryptids is ape-like animals and is very hairy. They are usually found in North America. Yeti is another type of cryptids and is believed to be a snowman who has occupied the Himalayan region.

Lastly, werewolves are another form of cryptids who has been seeing for many centuries. This type is considered to be the most extreme forms of the paranormal subject as their main characteristics includes rapid changing in personality which can range from being a human to that of a wolf. Although, a general conception is that these creatures can be defeated through a silver bullet only since, their appearance occurs in full moon only however, many experts and people are of the opinion that these creatures are categorized as supernatural forces rather than paranormal subjects. Their powers and abilities include shape shifting, enhanced agility, strength and speed, night vision as well as having an infectious bite. There only weakness lies within silver based elements and can be killed by a silver bullet or knife when hit at the heart.

Paranormal Abilities

Many people claim to have been experiencing various paranormal abilities which have not yet been proven by scientific methods though. Moreover, not many people have witnessed these abilities however, people suffering from this condition claim to have been suffering from the following mentioned paranormal abilities.


This form of supernatural abilities is also referred to as Telekinesis or mind over matter. This ability has the power through which any object can be moved from one place to another with the help of mind. When this ability gets combined up with pyrokinesis is the most desirable ability any person would want to have. The intensity of it is that it can render a television remote to defunct to an extent that it becomes irreparable. The opinion of skeptics as well as scientists is that if there is any apparent evidence found related to this ability, it will be considered to be an act of fraud. There are various books which are written to help people learn this ability and it mostly comprises on different exercises. For instance, you will be required to continuously throw the dice in an attempt to control the number which appears on the top. The result of this is that it affects the psychological state of an individual as it creates the illusion of controlling objects and the person thinks that he/she is influencing the number on the dice to appear.

Extra Sensory Perception

ESP or Extra Sensory Perception is the type of a paranormal ability in which information can be gathered without using any of the five senses. As a matter of fact, this type of ability can also be referred to as the sixth sense. The testing process of this ability is undertaken by the help of a deck of cards also called to be Zener cards this deck of cards includes 5 patterns – a square, circle, triangle, plus and squiggly lines. Two people sitting face front participate in which one draws a random card and the other makes an attempt to view the card through his/her sixth sense. This ability has been strictly criticized by scientific experts as they believe that there is a 1 into five chances that the other person will guess correctly. Moreover, the chances of odds increase as the chances increases when the person is disclosed with the previous results. It has also been claimed that about 20 percent of people guess right.


The ability of clairvoyance can be described as the ability to transfer information without using any senses. Those who posses this ability claims that this paranormal power is directly transmitted from the world of spirits. Another ability related to this one is that of Clairaudience. This ability provides the person to receive and hear information internally that is being passed from the spirits or from the dead. The modern acceptance of clairvoyance paranormal ability is that people are born with their ability however, with time; it starts to reduce so as to adhere with their surroundings and social norms. Moreover, there are many institutions which are providing courses to revitalize clairvoyant abilities which were present sometime before.


Pyrokinesis can be defined as a paranormal ability through which fire can be ignited or distinguished with the help of the mind. No scientific evidence has been located which proves this ability to be true however, people who are involved in the parapsychology field still believes this concept to be true. There are chances that a small level of connection might exist between this suspected ability and the reports of natural human combustion.


Telepathy is a paranormal ability through which an individual can connect with other people through his/her mind. Speaking in terms of the parapsychology field, this ability can be categorized to lie within the ESP ability. Quite often, telepathy occurs impulsively in an event of a crisis in which a friend or a relative has been either injured or has been killed in an accident. Those having this ability can get aware about the danger that can occur to another person from any distance. This information is gathered through various ways like that of thought fragments thinking that something is going wrong through visions, mental images, clairaudience, dreams as well as hallucinations. The person obtaining this information can change the course of action like that of changing plans. Many incidents involve obvious telepathy between animals and humans.


This ability involves foreseeing events. Individuals having this supernatural ability can predict events that might occur in near future. A famous example in this regard is that of Jeane Dixon who was an American Psychic. The psychiatrist was very famous for predicting the murder of John F. Kennedy which later on came out to be true. Moreover, in the 1960’s election, she predicted Richard Nixon to be the winner. The result of this was that Nixon held her in high regards that orders was passed for preparing to make a terrorist attack that was also predicted by the psychic.

Post cognition

This ability is the opposite of precognition. It provides an individual to give suggestions about an event after its occurrence. In the modern times, this ability is being used widely as police forces of many countries hire the services of psychic having post cognition abilities to provide assistance in unsolved or difficult cases. Studies suggests that many positive results have been obtained with this ability in various criminal investigations however, it is also being considered a result of fraud or hoax perpetrated by an individual who is an expert within criminal matters which enables them provide broad descriptions which are legitimate.


Psychometry can be described as the ability to read information of different kinds from different objects. The mechanism is that any person practicing psychometry will hold any object of a particular person to whom he is a stranger and then obtain information relating to the past, present as well as of the future by concentrating on the object. This concept is also a quite famous theme in stage acts.

Astral Projection

The ability of astral projection is to get spiritually separated from the human body and can travel a very long distance by the help of the mind alone. For many years, the astral projection ability is common and dates back to Chinese ancient culture. A lot of cynicism is present regarding this paranormal ability because of the fact that the only evidence is the word of mouth of that person who claims to have this skill.


This ability is quite interesting as has been alleged to have the characteristics though which a person can appear in two places at the similar time. A very famous example of this skill is that of St Pio of Pietrelcina who was a famous stigmatic. This ability is more towards spiritualism rather than being physical. This characteristic of the capacity renders it different from astral projection. Although, quite uncommon, this paranormal ability is considered to be an ancient phenomenon. It is being greatly practiced by saints, mystics, holy persons, magical adepts, ecstatic and monks by will. This ability is also normally given for those people who appeared to their loved ones prior to their time of death.

Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal experiences are considered to be quite normal as is being thought as well as believed. The prefix associated with it ‘para’ tends to deliver many meanings in a single time however, when specifically speaking about paranormal experiences; it usually points out towards those experiences that are considered to be beyond human understanding or scientific explanations. Nearly every day, any person, no matter living in which area of the planet Earth, tends to experience any type of paranormal incident. Such experiences have always been mysterious as well as quite frightening for most of the people who are experiencing them. Speaking in generic terms, any human being finds it very unnatural if any event tends to challenge their settled and mundane preconceptions. Following mentioned are some of the most common supernatural experiences that have been reported by different people and which have been believed to be true by experts.

Astral Travel

Astral travel or most commonly known as astral projection is a type of paranormal experience which tends to take out the essence from that of the human body. This experience is also referred to as ‘Out of the body’ experience or OBE.  The essence of human existence when is separated from the physical body at the will of the individual tends to travel freely. The speed of the travel is associated with the speed of light and even the furthest of the destination can be covered within a fraction of second. On the other hand, the destinations are also quite difficult to understand. Many studies have reported astral travel to land within a flower petal to that of within any human organ such as eyes or ears. When the essence of the body reaches its destination, it starts learning and observing the surroundings as well as the events which would have been difficult otherwise. This type of paranormal experience is also considered, by many people, to be a self-induced experience generated by an individual’s will. The person goes in the form of being self hypnotized after which the essence of the body is set free to travel. Obviously, unprompted astral projection does not require catalyst and its destinations are also undetermined and such a situation refers that the essence of the body is on an unknown however, a very much required journey.


Even those who do not believe in ghosts, apparitions and spirits tend to have all these unseen forces around them in one way or another. The reason of this is that nearly everyone experiences strange events within their lives which can be associated with any supernatural reason. Many types of stories related to poltergeists are considered to be true through various filmed recordings and documentations. Although, they are quite uncommon, however, they are, as a matter of fact, always present in our surroundings. Also many people find it difficult to accept that they can feel ghosts or related elements around them. They have the fear of what becomes unexplained for them.

Deathbed Messages

There are also instances in which those people who are near to their death time, passes or deliver messages to their loved ones or to those who are around them. The reason of these messages is to let them know about their condition after death. Usually these messages are providing wisdom or anything that can be remembered and cherished for the entire life. Moreover, it can also turn out to be catatonic states when the messages are being delivered. On the other side, many times deathbed messages are so strange for the survivors that they get scared form it. Nearly every person is confused about what the life after death holds and deathbed messages is a way through which some sort of understanding can be obtained.

Precognitive Dreams

Many psychologists have now specialized in interpreting the dreams of an individual. Dreams usually are a result of a human being’s subconscious. Every person watch dreams however, the concept of precognitive dreams is quite different. There are people who see precognitive dreams which tend to make them aware about the upcoming events in their or any other person’s life. Sometimes they can be considered to be invitations whereas; sometimes it may come out as a warning. There are also instances in which such dreams provide information to which the dreamer should not be privy to.  Dreams have immense powers and understanding them and taking them as warnings is the essence of this paranormal experience.

Near Death Experience or NDE

A very common paranormal experience is that of Near Death Experience or NDE. Its mechanism involves the person to get drawn towards an intense as well as centralized source of light. This can also be described as a magnetic effect. Many people have been reported to be dead by their brains for some moments after which they are bought back to life. NDE is considered to provide most to those people who hold a more thoughtful understanding about life and its affairs. Such people are not only appreciative but, they also experience personality transformations.

People from any place in the world have undergone these paranormal experiences and they are considered to be quite normal. Many people are gifted with these experiences and they do not tend to shy away from it. Rather they learn from these experiences. And understand what they are deciphering.

Investigating Paranormal Experience or Activity

Have you ever come across a situation in which a door has slammed in front of you without any physical object present or any other logical explanation? Have you felt the hair at your back to stand up without any reason? If yes, then rather than getting scare from it why not investigate about it a bit further and find out aspects more interesting. Following mentioned are some ways through which any activity or an experience can be investigated so as to render it within the category of being supernatural.

Search For A Logical Justification Of The Event Occurred: Although, many people consider it very cool to experience a paranormal activity, however, if all the logical aspects are not covered in the investigation process, the individual will always stand at the edge of being doubtful in the mind. Give a detailed view to daily explanations. For instance, if a door has slammed and there is no one around, you have to check as to whether there is moderate air flow in the room which caused the door to close at its own. Moreover, you can also look for lose hinges or whether the door jam is crooked. If all these aspects are disproved, either in logical terms or scientific terms, then such an activity can indicate towards a paranormal activity. This means that if a person is unable to find any logical explanation about an event occurred, then there are chances that something unusual has been occurred. Paranormal investigators usually define themselves to that of skeptics.

Thoroughly Research the Location: If, in case, Logic does not give out an accurate result of your experience, then it’s time to make some research. Start gathering information about any deaths or traumatic events that have been occurred on the property. Moreover, also search about any other type of supernatural activity that have been occurred on the property or any other location near to it which bears it effects on that area. Obtaining this information will help you understand a little about the event which you render to be paranormal.

Attempt to Replicate the Experience: This form of investigating a paranormal experience is very common. You can go back with a friend or relative to that place under similar conditions so as to experience it again. Take a camera or recording device such as EMF detectors with you for obtaining evidences. Stay back and see whether the event occurs again and whether you can record it.

Capture the Paranormal Activity in Different Angles: If in your experience, you have heard voices, your initial attempt must be to take pictures or run a film in that area along with using the EVP recording device. Conversely, if you have seen a mysterious figure, you can use a temperature as well as sound recording devices for investigating the paranormal activity. The more ways through which the investigating process is carried, the better are the chances to generate accurate results.

Remain Objective: Always open your mind to different dimensions and possibilities. The act of dismissing every experience as your imagination is not a preferred act whereas, considering every other bump or flash to be signs paranormal experiences is a considered to be wise. Many weird thing occur at every time however, finding the answer to the question ‘why’ is what will give out a correct reasoning to it.

Call for the Pros: If, during the investigation process, you have gathered enough evidence of an event such as recordings, pictures or witnesses, you can hire the services of paranormal professionals or experts. These services can be found in a local university in your area or you can search for it in Yellow pages or the classified section of your local newspaper. However, under this aspect too, it is very important to look for genuine service providers so thoroughly check the credentials of the expert prior to hiring them.

Tips for Investigating a Paranormal Activity

  • Try to keep you fear at your back when asking questions even if you see no one around.
  • Act like a professional. An intelligent as well as a well groomed person is considered to be more convincing as compared to a raving or unkempt lunatic.
  • Get ready for ridicule. There are chances that when your findings or investigation is released in front of other people they will laugh at you and make fun of you.
  • Be positive on your investigation findings. Avoid detaching from your findings even if you face criticism for it. You have worked hard in gathering facts and information and you should get credit for it.
  • Always try to involve a friend or relative in your investigation process.
  • Always be cautious in your investigation as you do not know with what you are going to deal with.

Cautions for Investigating Paranormal Activities

  • If your investigation involves visiting private property, always seek permission prior to entering it. This is better to avoid any unhappy event.
  • Avoid investigating paranormal activities in places that have been rendered to be dangerous such as areas in which crime rate is high or the buildings have been declared as abandoned. The ghosts are not the danger but, criminal people as well as the crumbling floor are the dangers.

Various Paranormal Stories

Over the years, many stories related to paranormal events have either been exaggerated or has been embellished so as to make it appear interesting as well as attractive. However, the hearsay and rumors associated with these events can be defined in the form of tales which have been substantiated in the form of tales and which have been derived from various historical artifacts, stories of newspapers, as well as those tales that have been spoken by eyewitnesses. A paranormal story in order to become famous must involve a history known to have violence, constant paranormal experiences, getting in direct connection with visitors as well as extreme results. There have been written various books related to haunted places and events however, the very popular story can be rendered to that of The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, Gettysburg or the Alcatraz where many people have reported to see their own paranormal sightings. The legend says that a lady named Sarah Winchester was very upset after successive events of her baby deaths. Moreover, her husband as well as her father-in-law died from tuberculosis, when Sarah consulted a psychological expert, she came out to know that her family was perpetrated by the powers of spirits and which met their bitter fate by a Winchester gun.

In order to avoid being killed or cursed, Sarah Winchester planned to continuously build the mansion for the purpose of providing shelter to spirits and maintain their level of satisfaction. The result of this construction was a haunted mansion worth $5.5 million. The interior of the mansion was decorated with bizarre designs and features so as to confuse the nasty ghosts. Additionally, there have also been added doors which led to nowhere, windows which were made to open towards blank walls vault into a vault, secret hallways, stairways which lead to the ceiling as well as trap doors. Presently, those who visit the mansion report hearing of footsteps, seeing objects or faces in the windows and playing of different musical organs.

Another paranormal tale is the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall which is a very notorious tale as the apparition has been so excellently photographed. The lady is said to make her last appearance in the year 1936 in which many people claimed that they have seen a lady wearing a brown cape. The early years of 1980’s, also marked the sighting of a woman with untidy hair wearing a brown dress and standing on the bed as reported by King George IV. Later on, in the year 1835, colonel Loftus reported that he saw a lady wearing a brown dress of satin fabric having her eye sockets empty.

Another most terrifying paranormal story has its origin from Canada and is termed to be the tale of the Amherst Poltergeist. Nova Scotia, The Esther Cox of Amherst after 19 years old was raped by a shoemaker. After this incident, Esther along with her sisters started experiencing different violet activities such as objects moving from one place to another at their own thunderous noises that are coming from beneath the bed as well as many unseen figures moving within the bed sheet. The reports issued from Dr. Carritte revealed that he was shocked to see the body of Esther which not only swelled mysteriously but as completely blood red.

The doctor also said that no clear reasoning of the swelling of the body is present and he saw an object which wrote the words ‘Esther Cox you are mine to kill’. Later on Esther started experiencing needles poking at her back and house lit with fire automatically. Wherever, Esther moved the paranormal activity tended to follow her.  


The book ‘Explaining Paranormal Activities’ has been written to focus on different aspects related to supernatural activities. Starting with the basics of what a paranormal activity actually relates to along with the different perceptions obtained from believers to that of non-believers. Moreover, what science as well as the modern world has to say about paranormal activities has also been portrayed so as to give out a clear understanding about its existence and the role of scientific world in it.

Different subjects of paranormal activities are also being discussed so that every type can be differentiated from that of the other and the concept becomes clearer. Those who tend to believe in such activities are also provided with the different signs or indications associated with the events. Additionally, those people who have experienced paranormal activities also possess various abilities through which they are able to speak different elements.

Talking about different paranormal experiences and investigating about such conditions is the next area of discussion in the book followed by the tips and cautions to be taken during the investigation process. This will be useful for people who opt this field as their career. Lastly, we will be talking about some paranormal stories that have been rendered to be true.