How to make the most of your time

How to make the most of your time

Time is such a precious commodity whether we work, are studying, have care responsibilities or are retired. There is always so much to do and never enough time to do the things we enjoy and feel obliged to do. Yet there are those that have it all, the great job, great holidays, great hobbies. How do they do it?

Every now and again we need to look and revise how we manage out time. Are we getting the most out of our lives? A little rummage around the internet finds a host of lifestyle gurus claiming to have all the answers to making the most of our time.
Is making the most of your time just plain old common sense?

Firstly, make plans for how you are going to spend your time. Most of the lifestyle gurus will tell you that. The only difference is how much time to spending planning your time.

In your plan, plan for exercise, relaxation, eating, sleeping. Also allow time for things going wrong or taking longer than expected. A sort of tolerance time factor.

When you are planning your time factor in energy management. You do not want to burn out in the middle of the day. Pace yourself. Mix physical tasks with less energetic duties to allow you a bit of recovery time.

Prioritise your tasks and get the important ones out of the way. Work out which should be your top priorities. If need be, even break those down into segments and keep doing some self-checking on your progress.

Do not allow yourself to get distracted or procrastinate. Those are such ugly characteristics. We all do it. Off we go finding something to do that we like. Just get on with your tasks, keep to the plan. You will feel so much better for it.

Learn when to say ‘no’. Be brave. Let people know that you are busy. They will probably respect you more for it and value your time when you share it with them. Also, that also includes not answering all your text messages immediately, and looking at your smartphone every time you notice a notification. Put the phone on silent and out of view, leaving you to focus.

Think before you make decisions about how you spend your time. Sometimes being so impulsive can hold you back because you cannot keep up with your commitments.

Learn to ask for help and pass on duties to someone else. It might be that others are better at certain tasks or have some spare time and would gladly help.