How you been out of the dating game too long

How you been out of the dating game too long

No doubt, being a single one gives you great freedom to go anywhere, do anything and anytime as you are not responsible to answer anyone. But it is reasonable till some age limit and period of life. “Man is a social animal.” There also comes some such moments in life when he or stop mixing up with people and unwillingly starts living lonely. Living out of date for too long have severe affects on mind and body as it changes a man or women’s perception, habits and approach towards opposite sex as well. Sometimes, it happens such incidents in life (divorce, break-up or separation from some dear-one) that crushes man’s confidence completely and hurt his feelings severely. So, in order to come to healthy life, it is important to know about the symptoms that show you’re really living without colors, butterflies and flowers for a so long.

  1. Playing Too Much Video Games

Single guys often victimized of motionless activities like; spending too much time watching television and playing games on cell phone or laptop. It is good way to spend some leisure time, but when it increases and you start spending many hours playing video games, it can be resulted in permanent sadness and depression. So, get ride of it as soon as possible.

  1. Surfing Internet till Late Night

Internet is a good way to enjoy chatting, video calling and meeting new friends. A lot of people keep busy on social websites (Skyp, Facebook, Twiter, MySpace etc.) for hours. If you’re young and alone, have break-up or divorced recently then social networking also gives you solace to look at and browse your ex-girlfriend or wife’ photos, but when it increases and you always find yourself while looking for such stuff, it is not good for you. Stop immediately and get some recreation.

  1. You Start Keeping Pets

Keeping pets often reflects/ considered about the loneliness of a person. When someone doesn’t find affection and love from the people he/she wants, he/she starts loving pets because they are loving, faithful and not going to leave you. It signifies that you want love. People outside willing to love and adopt you and it doesn’t matter how bad ex-relation you had in your past. So, forgive yourself and look for love in outer world and stop encircling yourself.

  1. Unusual Eating and Sleeping Habits

Long-term loneliness often resulted in strange habits and people find themselves quite different from the other people. Being a bachelor, sleeping and eating too much is okay, but when it increases that you can’t stop yourself “OR” you’re not going to tolerate anyone’s presence in your room then it is a sign that it is too long you’re out of dating game. Eating too much is also a sign of unhealthy and psychological habit that is considered a source of solace by victim to get ride of depression.

  1. Staying Home and Avoid Gathering

Being a single or bachelor one, you could enjoy having parties, gatherings of friends and relatives, but living alone for a long time can develop a habit of inability to mix-up in others. Desperate form the failure in past ex-relation can be resulted in such habits. But things do not end up here. You can get a lesson from your past by improving your abilities and compensate your deficiencies and can start a new beginning. Staying away from people and bound yourself within the four walls of your room is not a solution.