Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

There are so many demands on our working day that time is so precious. So how can you make yourself more productive during your day without having to work longer hours? 

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

1. Monitor your time and track how much time you spend on tasks, especially repetitive tasks. Are there ways these could be done more productively? Are you spending too much time chatting or using social media that can be used being more productive?

2. Set your own deadlines for tasks and stick to them, especially those long-term projects and tasks. You do not want to get close to the deadline and find yourself skimping on quality. Having a timed deadline is great for focussing the mind to complete tasks

3. Do you need to go to all the meetings you are invited to? Can you attend by conference call? Evaluate how you spend your time at meetings and identify those which are not productive or help your productivity and eliminate from your schedule.

4. Use travelling time effectively. Use that time to plan your day, do some self-brainstorming, read and respond to emails. Obviously not if you are driving.

5. Stop being a perfectionist. Learn when to let go of tasks. Will that extra hour on a task add much in terms of the quality of your work? You may not be helping some of your colleagues if handovers are required for others to complete a project, for example. They will thank you for giving them less time to complete their part of the work.

6. Turn off your notifications, on your phone, your emails. Do not be a slave to electronic communications. You decide when you will set aside time to respond to emails, calls and messages. Build up your productivity flow and do not allow yourself to be distracted.