Gamification Techniques used on Graduation Students

Gamification can be expressed as the application of gaming mechanisms within a non-gaming environment having its underlying aim to be the enhancement of processes enacted as well as the experiences of all those involved. In the past few years, the process of gamification has become very important in terms of education and training since the concept has all the techniques that can be used to make the learning process more engaging and motivating.

An Article on Life

Life is precious, diverse and in laymen’s term is the existence of biological processes. It teaches us new things in every new turn. In order to accept and understand situations, we need to keep an open mind – a mind which has the utmost ability to accept and not judge .I have been trying all ever to try and not be judgemental and over the years I do see great improvement and it makes me feel powerful having the ability to change my way of thinking and not to get stuck in a mind-set that makes me frustrated, angry or helpless in any situation I am in.

Colonialism and Gender

Colonialism majorly refers to the state of political and economic dominion of a country by another more powerful country. Gender, in this context, depicts the plight of women as caused by colonialism, which caused the gender imbalance making women more vulnerable. Patriarchal authority was rampant in the colonial era. The authorities looked down on the subordinate women in the colonies and often took advantage of their situation. The economic revolution in the colonial era undermined women’s status and reduced their political role.

Right age to get married

Marriage is an overloaded term. It comes with different perceptions based on the legal, traditional and the religious definitions. Legally, depending on the country, marriage comes with some obligations to both partners and perks in rights to visitations, tax breaks, and others. Traditions established what they call marriageable age while religion talks of love as the solid foundation. The contemporary society recognizes four aspects as the prerequisites of a successful marriage. These include financial growth, understanding, love and communication.

Effects of Seating Position in Auditorium

There are many different features and characteristics that should be provided by seating systems installed in auditoriums. You can use auditorium seats to transform your school auditoriums or lecture halls to make your presentations much more engaging. The emphasis is not solely on style or comfort, but it can also improve communication with the audience.