Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis (tendinitis) is an acute injury to the patella tendon. Although the term patella tendonitis is at times used to substitute patella tendinopathy (jumper’s knee), they are two different terms. While patellar tendinitis refers to an acute injury to the patella tendon, patella tendinopathy is an overuse injury that affects the knee. Patella tendonitis is more about inflammation of the tendons while tendinopathy is more about degenerative issues in the patella tendon. Patella tendonitis results to a sharp pain at the front of the knee mainly at the lower side of the kneecap.

Therapies and Treatments for Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are general terms used to refer to a group of complex disorders that affect brain development. Since autism affects brain development, it is a lifelong development disability. These complex disorders of autism are characterized by, among others, difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and repetitive behaviors.