Complete Guide to Stress Management

Stress is normal in corporate working environment and day to day life Episodic acute stress, Acute Stress, Chronic Stress all are common however proper knowledge and awareness to stress management is essential. This book/article will guide you about stress, reasons of stress, how to control it and live with it.

Ecommerce Industry Study

eCommerce is not a new name for any of us and at the pace it is growing, eCommerce is certainly proving to be the new face of how we to do business today. Before going into the details of ecommerce industry study and its competitive environment, let us briefly analyze initially what eCommerce is?

Factors Affecting Textile Exports to OPEC Countries

Factors Affecting Textile Exports to OPEC Countries. There has been increasing interest in the relevance of international trade flows and the dynamics of such trade as it is influenced by geography, distance and varied aspects of culture such as common language, religion, or colonizers. Recent literature on the transmission channels of international trade has displayed interesting results with improvements in technology and declining transport costs affecting the classical gravity model.

Ecommerce and Chinese Economy

The perspective of electronic commerce or e-commerce concerns business transactions that involve the transfer of information through the internet. In this sense, e-commerce covers different types of transactions that range from consumer based retailing, auction of products, as well as the exchange of product and service offerings by international corporations.

How to make the most of your time

Time is such a precious commodity whether we work, are studying, have care responsibilities or are retired. There is always so much to do and never enough time to do the things we enjoy and feel obliged to do. Yet there are those that have it all, the great job, great holidays, great hobbies. How do they do it?

How to Become a Better Employer

Each employer has the biggest role in the business. The boss makes or breaks the company. Thus, efficient management skills are necessary to ensure that you are putting everything right into place. Being an employer means you are your own boss. If you want your business to thrive success, you need to be your own self’s strictest boss. But does this mean being the strictest boss of your employees as well? Read further to know the most balanced approach to keep things in order.

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

There are so many demands on our working day that time is so precious. So how can you make yourself more productive during your day without having to work longer hours? 

Six Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

1. Monitor your time and track how much time you spend on tasks, especially repetitive tasks. Are there ways these could be done more productively? Are you spending too much time chatting or using social media that can be used being more productive?

Six Reasons Why You Should Get to Work Early

Overall benefits of going early to work are countless, still we have mentioned a few here to highlight importance of get to work early. 

It so difficult to get out of bed in the mornings for work. A lot of workplaces offer some sort of flexible working arrangement, which is great for offering lifestyle choices or allowing us to do the school run and do errands. If you do not have time sensitive commitments are there advantages to not staying in bed for an extra hour and getting on with your day by getting to work early? Here are six reasons why you should:

Calvin strategic leadership plan

Strategic leadership refers to a manager’s knowledge to precise a strategic imaginative and prescient vision for the institution, or a part of the group, and to motivate and persuade others to acquire that vision. Strategic leadership can be outlined as utilizing technique within the administration of staff. It's the skills to have an impact on organizational individuals and to execute the organizational trade. Strategic leaders allocate resources and outline strategic vision.