Differences between Christianity and Judaism

Most people around the world believe in a particular religion Christianity and Judaism are among them. Christianity and Judaism are not much different. Due to this, to maintain peace in the world, laws have been put in place by states and governments to give people the freedom to participate in any religion they deem fit. It should be noted that each religion has its own beliefs and ideologies (Gerhards, 2007). Research reveals that it is very hard to convert a person from one religion to another.

Buddhism Religion

Buddhism is a religion that began in India over 2,500 years ago. It has gained worldwide recognition with many people practicing it. Buddhism involves a wide variety of practices, traditions, and beliefs that people follow in accordance to Buddha (Chodron 14). Most people however, believe that it is not merely a religion but a way of life for the people that involves following Buddha’s philosophy.

Zoroastrianism Religion

Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion that was practiced by Persians, which is the present Iran. It was formed by an Iranian prophet called Zoroaster or Zarathustra in the 6th century, making it one of the oldest forms of religion in the world. Zoroaster tried to preach monotheism in his land, in a bid to change the minds of the people who believed in polytheistic religion. Zoroaster believed in a single religion that he preached, with the belief that he was serving the people, and restoring righteousness in their lives.

The Rise of Nationalism in the World

Nationalism is defined as a system inclusive of the political, social, cultural, and economic spheres of a society, which promotes national interests over individual or communal welfares. It is used to denote that an individual’s loyalties are not directed towards the King or the ruler but towards the nation and its people. That is to say, the feelings of devotion for the nation-state go beyond individuals or groups. A region becomes a nation-state when it comprises of its own autonomous government.