Complete Guide to Stress Management

Stress is normal in corporate working environment and day to day life Episodic acute stress, Acute Stress, Chronic Stress all are common however proper knowledge and awareness to stress management is essential. This book/article will guide you about stress, reasons of stress, how to control it and live with it.

Diabetes in India

A study at awareness and self-care practices among diabetes type 2 patient in rural areas of India Punjab and Urban areas of Delhi.

Introduction: Diabetes is a disease that has closest links to lifestyle and living practices of a patient. Behavior and awareness of patient about personal care programs at diabetics play a vital role in terms of recovery.

Health Benefits of Volunteering

Voluntary work is the provision of one or more services to the community without financial reward. Volunteering refers to services provided by individuals or groups of individuals freely, without enforcement or coercion. It is an unselfish offer that contributes to the overall prosperity of society. We usually find Volunteering in initiatives that are related to our society, the environment, the animals, in everything we interact with.

Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis (tendinitis) is an acute injury to the patella tendon. Although the term patella tendonitis is at times used to substitute patella tendinopathy (jumper’s knee), they are two different terms. While patellar tendinitis refers to an acute injury to the patella tendon, patella tendinopathy is an overuse injury that affects the knee. Patella tendonitis is more about inflammation of the tendons while tendinopathy is more about degenerative issues in the patella tendon. Patella tendonitis results to a sharp pain at the front of the knee mainly at the lower side of the kneecap.

Quick Cook And Low Fat

Low fat recipes, Quick Cook And Low Fat, important to have a low fat diet, Seafood recipes, Dessert recipes, Vegetarian & meat recipes in less than 30 mins.

It has been a long day and you must be thinking about cooking for your entire family. It is very hard to cook when you come home from a tired day and you have to prepare meals for your complete family. Obviously, this turns out to be such a hectic job, but you can make it easy. It is good to find some shortcuts rather than keeping yourself busy and you will get more and more tired.

Reasons why you cant sleep properly

There are so many examples of people who have, or had, little sleep and achieved success in their field of work such as: Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO; Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and Square CEO; Indra Nooyi, Chair and CEO of PepsiCo; Margaret Thatcher, UK Prime Minister 1979-1990 and Donald Trump, President of the USA.

Despite these examples we all know the bad effects of sleeping for less than the recommended 7 hours by the medical profession e.g. mood swings and poor performance at work and study.

Why workplaces should pay employees to exercise

Most workplaces have flexible arrangements to starting and finishing work. Well why wouldn’t any employer do that? Not many places of work expect employers to clock-in and out. Not many places of work pay overtime. So what do we have? Committed employees working longer hours, going without lunchbreaks, leaving late, eating takeaway food and gaining pounds annually.

Best Methods to Reduce Weight

When a person wants to lose body fat, there are some methods that they can go about to make it happen easily. Losing body fat is something that should be done using the best available methods. When a person uses methods that have not been tried and researched, they have a high chance of gaining the body fat they lost in a very short while.