The Untold History Of Fremont

The Untold History Of Fremont

Named after the famous American explorer, John C. Fremont, Fremont is a city in California, United States. It is positioned between the rolling hills of the East Bay and the San Francisco Bay Area. The city comprises of the US’ largest concentration of Afghan American inhabitants. The year 1956 witnessed the amalgamation of five independent districts - Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs. With a culturally diverse population, the city’s census indicates the presence of over a half-dozen races.

The history of Fremont begins with the end of the 18th- century. Fermin de Lasuen, a Spanish Father, first settled in the Fremont area in 1797. He established the Mission San Jose in the same year, which went on to prosper greatly. The Mission’s population reached a total of 1,887 in less than 4 decades. It was in 1846 that an American named John C. Fremont successfully ventured to the area to conquer California for the US and free it from Mexican shackles. He is addressed as “the Great Pathfinder” for discovering a way through Mission San Jose to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Washington Township was crafted in 1853. This was a symptomatic move for the fusion of smaller towns into the city for future. This township remained the epicenter of all activities for a few years. During the California Gold Rush, from 1848 to 1855, Fremont grew dramatically. People flowed into the area in search of gold and settled in the surroundings. A 6.8 magnitude earthquake, the Hayward Earthquake, hit the city in 1868. It collapsed several buildings in the region and wreaked a lot of havoc. Consequentially, it ruined the Mission San Jose area as well. Until this earthquake, the Palmdale Winery area of Fremont was the largest in the whole Californian state.

The Niles district in Fremont boasts itself for harboring California's earliest industry of motion picture. The great comic actor, Charlie Chaplin made a number of his movies in the city. The rise of motion pictures in Fremont continued from 1912 to 1916.

In 1956, Wally Pond was the leader who incorporated five small towns into the city of Fremont. This year also saw the opening of the city’s postal service. After its merger, the city of Fremont became industrially advanced. The 1980s saw a rapid growth and increasing momentum in the high-tech job sector. This boom, which continued till the late 1990s, contributed to the large-scale and fast-paced development of the city. As a consequence, Fremont was linked with the Silicon Valley. The year 1999 beheld the opening of almost 750 tech companies in the city. Of these 750 companies, fifteen were amongst San Francisco Bay Area’s top 100 fast growing firms.

Fremont is home to the Apple factory that produced the first ever Mac before its production stopped in 1993. The boom years also witnessed advancements in other sectors such as telecommunications and automobiles. The town’s biggest company and employer were General Motors. Its assembly plant operated in the South Fremont area. In the mid-1980s, GM collaborated with Toyota and the plant was turned into a joint venture called NUMMI. NUMMI’s operations in the city were closed in 2010. It is now under the ownership of Tesla Motors and called the Tesla Factory.

In addition to the five districts that were merged to form the city of Fremont, the city has crafted six more districts. These have been created for the purpose of planning residence and community areas. Central, North Fremont, South Fremont, and Bayside are the four districts that serve this purpose. The other two are Baylands the Hill Areas, which are regarded and used as open spaces.

The Centerville district was founded by George Llyod. In 1852, he set up a tent and began a business of cold beers to serve stage passengers in the summer.  It grew populated to become a complete district. The Niles district is separated from all the other towns of the Fremont city by a boulevard, a creek, a railroad passage, and the Quarry Lakes. The Irvington district was named by the locals after a traveling circuit judge during the 1880s, Judge Irving. Mission San Jose is one of the most ancient Spanish missions to exist in the state of California today.

Fremont has produced some very notable personalities such as Robb Flynn, Khaled Hosseini, Shawon Dunston, and more. With its Downtown Community Plan of 2012, the rural city is transforming into an urban community to match the need of the times. It is a part of the Tri-City Area that comprises of the cities of Newark, Union City, and Fremont.